Empowering Youth

Youth Development Programme


India is known for its demographic dividend, and is expected to become world’s youngest country by 2020. The growing number of youth requires a right skill set to get adequate opportunities to get employed or become entrepreneurs. Skills development is the primary means of enabling young people to make a smooth transition to work. To support young people, improve their employment skills, and promote entrepreneurship, FMRT designs and offers a wide array of programs to empower the youth by enhancing their skills of adaptability, creativity, empathy and resilience. Some of the programs are listed below:


  • Selecting the Right Career
  • Get over your Inhibitions and Gain Confidence
  • Youth Leadership: Building the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Young Entrepreneurship: Step-up, Scale-up
  • Developing Effective Relations: Interpersonal Skills

    Who Should Attend?


    The youth, that is, school / college students, and young adults