Corporate Trainings


In today’s world, where competition is high, and every individual is trying to differentiate himself/herself from others, the right attitude and skillset are of paramount importance. They help in building the complete personality of individuals, who are then able to give their best in their organizations and help them to flourish. We, at FMRT, realize this vital need and accordingly design and offer a wide array of training programs on contemporary themes like:


  • Building Capacity by Identifying your DNA
  • Transformational Leadership: Converting Creativity into Capacity
  • Creating One Team One Voice
  • Win-Win Negotiation Process
  • Customer Centric Marketing through Marketing Communication
  • Communication and Presentation Skills for Managerial Success
  • Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Using Stress to Impress
  • Managing Time by Managing Attention


These trainings provide participants a chance to refresh and rejuvenate their knowledge and to reacquaint themselves with present-day thinking and to gain insights and self-enrichment.

The training pedagogies in these programs are aligned to the specific needs and foster a more effective comprehension through participative learning.


Who Should Attend?


  • Managers preparing to move to positions of greater responsibility
  • Project or Team Leaders heading cross-functional teams
  • Mentors or Coaches entrusted to create future leaders
  • Entrepreneurs, General Managers, HR Managers or Department Heads who want to initiate and drive change in their organizations
  • Knowledge Seekers and Learning Enthusiasts
  • Academic Leaders, Administrators and School Principals
  • Social Reformers involved in bringing the change in the society
Corporate Training
Corporate Trainings

Customized Trainings


Your organization is different. Your values are distinct. Your people are unique. So, your training should also be so. FMRT offers customized training programs to meet complex and diverse needs that are faced by businesses.