Dr. Jyoti Rana

Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti Rana

Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti Rana
Chairperson - Foundation for Management Research & Training (FMRT)
HOD - PG Department of Commerce
Academician, Corporate Trainer, Author & Poet
IIM Ahmadabad (FDP)
IIM Kozhikode (FDP)
Kellogg School of Management USA (ITP)
Cornell University, USA (Women Leadership Course)

We all are full of energy and creativity. But how many of us are aware of this. Very often we feel mesmerized when a naive opts for a unique path and makes all the difference. Actually, all of us have the capabilities to do wonderful things in our lives, it's our limiting beliefs and ignorance, which make us ordinary/stereotype/commonplace.
A creative destruction of limiting beliefs; a bold decision-making power and a continuous idea until it becomes perfect are some of the pillars for making a bridge leading to success. Sometimes the potential lies deep down within us. And we feel the pang of creativity. Then we suffer helplessness, in that case bonding works wonderfully. We at FMRT believe in developing bonds and that makes us different from others. Networking is important to gain success which otherwise is prone to mishappening.
We at FMRT work on two levels: For organization 5E's is the approach-empathy, expectations, education, engagement, and elevation; whereas for the beneficiaries the aptitude is 5A's – actions, achievements, answerability, aspirations and acknowledgement. We not only respect everyone's individuality but also try to inculcate 'we are meaningful' sense among everyone.

We bring achievers, leaders, experts who have contributed in the making of the nation and make our team develop bonding and creativity and help it convert the capability into capacity. Our pedagogy is based on Craft, Communication, Concentration and Commitment. This turns our work into joy.
FMRT has been founded with the soul of value, versatility & validity. Our core efforts are to facilitate development programs, conclaves, expression development workshops for transforming lives in India.
Every change starts with a new vision. The main aim of FMRT is to create a bond between the facilitators and the beneficiaries. Our flagship program is women leadership. This vision has given us a new perspective to see women not as competitors to their counterpart but as individuals who can contribute in multitude for the welfare of society in a meaningful manner.
The symbol of FMRT consists of a leaf, a woman and a swan. Nature is the greatest wisdom provider and a woman can be taken as its replica in more than one ways. The main thrust of FMRT programs is to create awareness and create a new behavioural paradigm of capable, confident leaders who can make a difference in the society.