About The Foundation


Foundation for Management Research and Training is a not for profit organization , formed to  support and promote 3 E’s - Education, Employment and Expression by providing training, consultancy and funding. The foundation delivers valuable, timely, workable and adaptable solutions, which turn into positive results.


The Objectives of FMRT are:


  • To promote ethical, innovative and employable research in all fields of management by providing valuable guidance to the researchers so that they can engage in original and quality research.
  • To enhance the skills and performance of academicians, researchers and corporate executives by organizing and conducting development programs and trainings.
  • To imbibe creativity and enhance expression of young learners and students by organizing various campaigns and talks.
  • To disseminate knowledge & information by organizing seminars, panel discussions, conferences, workshops and programs on various subjects and issues related to management research and training, teaching in higher education, vocationalisation of education, leadership, capacity building and to share outcomes with the relevant stakeholders and policymakers.
  • To grant aid or render assistance to other public charitable trusts or institutions, which promote education and social welfare.